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Customer satisfaction is our top priority!

In the spirit of respectful honesty and transparency, if you're a collector of insert labels and/or silly opinion stickers our site isn't for you.

If you collect "coins" and enjoy being respected as a person, not a number, we encourage you to invest a few minutes and read this page and the rest of our tab pages. We believe you'll find our mission purpose and site a refreshing change.

Our other tab pages are Tips for using EScottCoins.com, EScottCoins.com auctions, Accurate View Video™EScottCoins.com Imaging, Raw Coin Grade Guarantee, Variety Attribution Guarantee, Satisfaction Guarantee/Return PolicyFree first hand images with every purchasePayment PolicyShipping PolicyTerms of Use Agreement/Privacy PolicyFeedbackThird Party Grading (TPG)Gradeflation, CAC & Opinion of Opinion stickers and FREE Comprehensive Appraisal Service  

My name is E.J. Scott. With the loyal support of my beautiful better half May and the invaluable help of computer guru and all around great guy Michael Simmons I founded EScottCoins.com. EScottCoins.com is not a dealership. EScottCoins.com is a proprietary e-commerce site that was developed from scratch for the sole purpose of liquidating personal numismatic holdings in the most personal, customer service oriented means possible. Additionally it's a fundamental goal of ours to make and keep EScottCoins.com clean, simple and easy to use.

Most of the items to be listed on EScottCoins.com are fresh merchandise to the marketplace. Many of the items haven't been on the market for decades. Many of the items have never been on the market before.

At EScottCoins.com we guarantee every single visual representation of merchandise listed on EScottCoins.com is an ACCURATE and highly detailed representation of the item. Never will an image or Accurate View VideoTM be manipulated in order to make a coin look better in the image or video than it actually is. In fact, if anything, our imagery is overly revealing. With EScottCoins.com the coin you receive will look exactly like or better than you expect it to! We are and will always be the industry leader in accurate numismatic imaging simply because we care more about accuracy than we do about getting you to give us your paper dollars. Please see our Accurate View VideoTM  and EScottCoins.com Imaging page.

Customer satisfaction is absolutely the fundamental focus at EScottCoins.com! Never, ever will a customer be stuck with the purchase of a coin, regardless of why they choose to return it! Please see the EScottCoins.com Satisfaction Guarantee/Return Policy.

Sometimes we don't post entire slab images on EScottCoins.com. A slab is a slab! We choose to first focus our energy into images that supply tangible information to discerning collectors about the actual item of value; the coin. If you require an image of the holder of any certified coin listed on EScottCoins.com please contact us directly and we'll gladly generate and send images to you at your EScottCoins.com registered email address.    

While we're knowledgeable about and enjoy all denominations and genres of numismatics we're primarily passionate about and have become highly educated about varieties and grown quite fond of visually dramatic errors. However over the years, as many collectors do, we've found ourselves with an enormous amount of coins and a ridiculous semi-annual safe deposit box bill. On EScottCoins.com you’ll find tokens, common date numismatics, thoroughbred numismatics, fun rolls, pristine rolls, pop-top and pop 0 registry quality rarities as well as a bit of currency, supplies and fun miscellaneous goodies. Our goal is to have something for everyone! 

EScottCoins.com was purposely created as direct marketing because we believe that, like us, there's a sector of the collecting population that misses personalized care-based human to human service. All items for sale on EScottCoins.com are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee! Our desire and the intent of EScottCoins.com is to build mutually beneficial personal relationships through integrity-based high quality service. We value the interpersonal pride and long term benefits from creating mutually beneficial personal relationships and "win-win" situations with individuals of integrity exponentially more than we do the acquisition of paper dollars or popularity.

On EScottCoins.com you’ll never need to tolerate the annoyance of ads popping up in front of where you’re trying to look or read or the frustration of having advertising forced onto you at all. You'll never need to tolerate little arrows all over a coins image or the aggravation of wasting your time going through ads that say “Sold” or “Out Of Stock”.

On EScottCoins.com every single transaction will be handled in an old-school, respectful “person to person” manner! When you choose to buy an item from EScottCoins.com or click on "Ask seller a question" or "Make an offer" on any listing on EScottCoins.com you'll be dealing directly with a knowledgeable human that appreciates and respects you. Additionally EScottCoins.com incorporates no "mandatory" payment methods. Please see the EScottCoins.com Payment Policy.

At EScottCoins.com we support all the benefits to the numismatic industry created by third party grading (TPG) companies. That stated, yes they have pitfalls but overall they're beneficial. Please read our Third Party Grading (TPG) page.

For those that pay attention to Gradeflation EScottCoins.com is proud to be the first entity to display a "been in this holder since" date for every certified coin listed, assuming we have that information.

We've always sought and collected coins! Not fame or holder label data and certainly not silly opinion of opinion stickers. Because of this a large quantity of the coins for sale on EScottCoins.com are described as outstanding for the grade or under graded. Over time EScottCoins.com will earn a reputation as sellers of accurately described, above average quality coins.

Some of the certified variety coins on EScottCoins.com are not TPG attributed. However every variety listed is absolutely 100% money back guaranteed to be the variety claimed. Additionally EScottCoins.com will acquire applicable TPG variety attribution on any PCGS, NGC or ANACS certified but unattributed variety we sell, should the customer choose for us to do so for them. Please see the EScottCoins.com Variety Attribution Guarantee

Because EScottCoins.com is a personal enterprise and not a dealership with a vault at our fingertips it’s not possible for us to ship coins on a daily basis. Please see the EScottCoins.com Shipping Policy details. 

Please keep in mind EScottCoins.com is a small passion based entity run by a few people. Every effort has been made to make sure there are no errors on the site or in listings. However, just as you do, we make mistakes. If you encounter any errors please, don’t be upset. Simply let us know and the problem will be rapidly addressed.

Our inventory will require years to post on EScottCoins.com. If you like our site please check back in often as we’ll be adding items to the site on a regular basis as well as constantly improving the site. Additionally, since we don't have the luxury of having inventory at our fingertips we've developed a very comprehensive “one click” inventory database. If you’re looking for any particular item(s) we can check our inventory database for you immediately and generate images for you within a few days, usually quicker.  

If you have questions, comments, constructive criticism, want to trade or barter or have items to sell please always feel free to contact us. 

THANKS AGAIN for taking the time to give EScottCoins.com a look.

Your time is appreciated!


Pursue quality coins, not purchased opinions!

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