E.ScottCoins.com Free Comprehensive Appraisal Service

Customer satisfaction is top priority at E.ScottCoins.com!

At E.ScottCoins.com we offer a free and extensive appraisal program. All we ask in return for our services listed below is your word (yes, we still believe in integrity) that if/when you decide to sell you give us first shot at purchasing. Our appraisal service provides:

* Creation of a personalized Excel spreadsheet placed on a flash drive for you that includes all of the following data in a easily sortable, editable and expandable format.

* Identification, evaluation, grading and cataloging of all your coins.

* Searching all your coins for valuable varieties.

* Wholesale and retail pricing for each of your coins.

Also available for a fee:

* State of the art ultra high resolution Accurate View Video™ of any of your coins..

* Housing your coins in proper storage holders (2 x 2's or flips, customer's choice) and boxes.

Contact Us to arrange your appraisal.


Pursue quality coins, not purchased opinions or silly stickers!

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