CAC and all Opinion of Opinion Stickers

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Candidly we at not only don't support CAC but we feel it's just about the biggest charade collectors have been duped by.

A few considerations:

1) The CAC published grading standard is “the standard for today’s selective buyer” (02-04-2022); This isn't a standard. At best this is an assumption based, unilateral, subjective opinion. It has no boundaries, carries no responsibility of accountability, can’t be quantified and can be privately manipulated at will.

2) The CAC sticker is “backed by experience” (02-04-2022); This is the same as backed by nothing of tangibility, responsibility or accountability.

3) CAC claims they will “only award stickers to coins in the A or B Category” (out of A, B, C) of any given grade (02-04-2022); This means CAC is claiming they can consistently grade coins down to a perfection of 1/6th (.1666) of a full grade point. Even if they were working with a quantified standard (which they’re not) and they could consistently grade to 1/6th of a grade point (which, of course, nobody can) they’d need every single coin of any given issue sitting in front of them to ascertain which are the top, middle and lowest 1/3 of each half grade point. Then, even at that, it’s subjective with no guarantee.

4) CAC records but doesn’t publish the coins they have rejected, yet states “Occasionally a coin that has been rejected for CAC verification is reconsidered and stickered” (02-04-2022). This means that a coin sent by Joe collector “could” be rejected (but recorded and that record kept private). Joe collector markets the coin. The coin is purchased by a member of the dealer network. The (exact same) coin is now “awarded” a sticker and goes back on the market for more money.

Does CAC buy and sell coins?

Although flawed, as everything is, TPG (in itself) brings many tangible collector benefits to the numismatic hobby and business in exchange for the fees they charge; Superb holders, identification and serialization, superb databases, counterfeit detection, attribution, education, opinion of condition based on a quantified scale and accountability, just to name a few. However they still have to manufacture an infinite marketplace from a finite commodity.

The sticker game brings nothing other than encouragement for resubmi$$ion$ to TPG and inflated price$ to collectors for the exact same merchandise. It’s all about financial profit. It greatly assists generating an infinite market from a finite commodity.

But…it exists and flourishes because of one thing and one thing only, collector greed and ego. They just sell the Kool Aid. The collectors choose to purchase and drink it. Many collectors simply choose to ignore the detrimental byproducts of the silly sticker game to numismatics and their fellow collectors because they’re more interested in acquisition of a one dimensional paper dollar or purchasing an “atta-boy” than they are about anything else. doesn’t and will never support the sticker game. At integrity is far more valuable than separating collectors from their paper dollars.

Personally Mr. Scott peels off and disposes of stickers on coins he acquires as he’s as passionate in his disdain for hypocrisy as he is about maintaining his integrity.

Occasionally there may be a coin for sale on that has a sticker on the holder. Such coins are not the personal property of Mr. Scott. They're coins he’s listing as a favor for a friend or associate that had a sticker on them at the time the current owner acquired them. However the sticker charade will never be promoted on aside from the sticker being visible in an image.


Pursue quality coins, not purchased opinions or silly stickers!

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