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Most modern grading is performed naked eye or with a 5X Loupe. Our Accurate View Video™ displays coins with the detail one would observe through a 16X loupe!

The only critique we've received about our Accurate View Video™ is that it shows too much detail. We consider this an accomplishment in our goal of 100% customer satisfaction.

We feel VERY strongly about revealing ALL the detail of a coin from square one as opposed to letting our members discover microscopic flaws after making a purchase.

If you like the Accurate View Video™  of a coin we have for sale you'll LOVE the coin in hand!

Want proof that our Accurate View Video™ is truly accurate?

For a limited time registered members of can send a request and we'll create an Accurate View Video™ of a coin and send you the coin and imaging free of charge so you can see for yourself.

We put our money where our mouth is!

We're hopeful if you like what you see you'll lend your opinion on our feedback page!

Accurate View Video™ is exactly what the title implies....ACCURATE! The Accurate View Video™ is the byproduct of a unique imaging invention conceived, engineered and manufactured by E.J. Scott over the past two years. Unlike conventional video or animated video (made by electronically stitching static images together), all of which are limited by the boundaries of conventional photography, the Accurate View Video™ captures the true depth, color, radiance, vibrancy, luster and detail of a coin to a true to life accuracy level unmatched by anything in the global marketplace. As the Accurate View Video™ tag line states, "what you see is what you'll receive".

All Accurate View Video™ can be expand to full screen and include the user controls of pause, playback speed, forward and reverse, volume and resolution (resolution may be limited by the viewers internet connection and computer equipment).

NOTE: A downside to all imaging in the electronic world is that the producer of the imagery has no control over how the receiver of the imagery has their display set.

For the very best possible viewing experience at all times set your monitor to the factory default settings.

All Accurate View Video™ is generated in superb 4K resolution. They are distributed in a format that automatically adjusts to the receivers highest resolution receiving capability. If the receiver has the internet connection and equipment capable of 4K video then this is how the videos will be received. If the receiver has an internet connection or equipment only capable of 320P then this is how the video will be received.


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