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In this 3 minute 39 second video we'll prove to you that

Collectable coins are dynamic entities, not static entities. A collector rolls a coin around in the light to examine it. The laws of physics render it ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE for any static image (photograph) to accurately represent details any dynamic entity, period! This is because the reflection of light off the coin can only be captured at one angle of incidence (angle of light) in any photograph.

When a collector rolls a coin around in the light they're viewing an infinite array of angles of incidence. A collector will roll the coin around in the light viewing the coin with the naked eye. Then they'll examine the coin under magnification, again rolling it around in the light, to view micro details of the coin. Often the collector will stop and study micro details that are only visible under magnification and at only a select few of an infinite volume of angles of incidence. Then the collector will view the coin with the naked eye again to determine if the identified micro details are distracting or even visible.

Our Accurate View Video™ simulates this "coin in hand" process with unmatched precision. We give the collectors the level of accurate, life like information that allows them to make a fact-based educated decision. We give collectors what they deserve...and should be demanding!

A 10 second Accurate View Video™ will display every angle of incidence necessary for the viewer to see every detail of a coin! Stop an Accurate View Video™ at any point and that's EXACTLY what that photograph will and, more importantly, won't show you. We show you them all!

Furthermore our Accurate View Video™ displays accurate color and contrast. Our Accurate View Videos™ is never "juiced up" or edited to make a coin look more eye-appealing than it is in real life.   

Most important of all is that our Accurate View Video™ is true dynamic imaging. Not a stitched together GIF or computer generated animation. This is why our Accurate View Video™ is accurate 100% of the time on 100% of coins, GUARANTEED!

You'll never receive a coin represented by an Accurate View Video™ and find any disappointing "surprise" when you receive the coin.


Want "in hand" proof that our Accurate View Video™ is truly accurate?

Registered members of can send a request and we'll create an Accurate View Video™ of a coin and send you the coin and the Accurate View Video™ of that coin free of charge so you can see for yourself.

NOTE: Our Accurate View Video's™ are produced and distributed in ultra-high resolution 4K and are razor sharp. If our Accurate View Video™ is anything less than razor sharp when you view it it's a byproduct of your viewing device or internet connection.


Pursue quality coins, not purchased opinions or silly stickers!

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