Raw Coin Grade Guarantee

Customer satisfaction is top priority at E.ScottCoins.com!

Every raw coin listed on E.ScottCoins.com is guaranteed to grade at Anacs, NGC or PCGS at or above the grade we list.

Our guarantee is very simple: If you purchase a raw coin and it grades lower than we listed we'll reimburse you the price of the coin, shipping and insurance to and from the grading service, all grading fees and return shipping to us! You're out of pocket exactly $0.

The terms and conditions of our Raw Coin Grade Guarantee are as follows:

1) Our Raw Coin Grade Guarantee is good for 90 days from the date of delivery to the customer from E.ScottCoins.com. Returns must be received by E.ScottCoins.com within 90 days from the date the customer received the merchandise from E.ScottCoins.com.

2) Returns must include the coin(s) in the applicable third party grading holder.

3) Returns must include a copy of the submission and receipt from the applicable third party grading company.

4) Returns must include receipts for all postage and insurance costs incurred by the buyer.

5) Upon inspection of returns (coins returned will be verified through the images posted on E.ScottCoins.com in the original listing) a complete refund will be immediately issued.

6) If the coin(s) returned are not the coins from the original listing the coins will be returned to the buyer at the buyers (prepaid) expense and no refunds will be issued.


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