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E.ScottCoins.com produces and publishes some of the the finest and most accurate static imagery (photographs) in the industry.

That stated, YOU are being DECEIVED 100% of the time by 100% of the static images (photographs) of any and all coins!

The laws of physics render it ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE for any photograph to accurately represent the details of any dynamic entity. Collectable coins are dynamic entities, not a static entities. A collector moves a coin about in the light to examine it. This infinitely changes the angle of incidence of light you view. A static image is one single angle of incidence of light.

There are zero exceptions to this rule!

E.ScottCoins.com has invented, engineered and manufactured the cure to this global electronic marketplace problem with the revolutionary


To learn more about numismatic imaging in 3 1/2 minutes than most will know in a lifetime click the Accurate View Video™ logo above.

Every listing on E.ScottCoins.com that doesn't currently have an Accurate View Video™ displayed will have a "Request an Accurate View Video™" button. Click the button and we'll produce an Accurate View Video™ of that item for you.  


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