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NOTE: A downside to all imaging in the electronic world is that the producer of the imagery has no control over how the receiver of the imagery has their display set.

For the very best, most consistent viewing experience set your monitor to the factory default settings.

At present produces and publishes the most accurate imagery in the industry. The only critique we've ever received is that our images are too detailed. However we consider this not only a compliment but accomplishment of our fundamental goal of customer satisfaction.

If you like the image of a coin we have for sale you'll LOVE the coin in hand GUARANTEED!

It’s absolutely impossible to set up an imaging station and capture every coin accurately with one setup! In fact every single coin requires different equipment, sometimes completely different equipment, and a different setup to capture a genuinely accurate, detailed, high resolution and true (as possible with static imagery) to life image. One of the many ways that is different than others is we care more about accuracy than profit. We spend whatever time is required to capture the collectable as accurately as humanly possible in a static image. Sometimes this requires ten minutes and sometimes three hours. We invest what’s required to make it right! Additionally we never alter or "juice-up" images to make coin look better or more appealing than it is or to hide even a single blemish. We work very hard to openly reveal the actual coin, exactly as it is. is constantly developing more accurate imagery. Therefore we label every image with which generation image is displayed. If a listing doesn't display the latest generation imagery there will be a button displayed to request our latest generation imagery for that item. Click the button and we'll produce latest generation images for you. is also the exclusive home of the finest, most accurate dynamic imaging in numismatics....our


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Every listing that doesn't currently have an Accurate View Video™ displayed will have a "Request an Accurate View Video™" button.Click the button and we'll produce an Accurate View Video™ of the item for you.  


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