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As you read the following please keep in mind that coins are a finite entity. Third Party Grading (TPG) entities can't even come close to existing based on grading only newly minted coins every year. They must "manufacture" an infinite marketplace for a finite tangibility.

"Gradeflation" is a term used to describe an intentional shift in grading standards by TPG companies. The obvious benefit to them being that if they "choose" to start calling what are MS65 coins MS66 then eventually a large portion of the current MS65's will be sent back in for regrade to chase their previous value. Employ the law of averages across the entire spectrum of numismatics, multiply it by the endless ability to shift standards and it's easy to see the literally endless ability for TPG companies along with dealer networks to manufacture new marketplaces at will and keep making a profit off of the exact same merchandise. Add in the brilliance of things like plus (half) grades and the double-dipping of the "Guarantee Premium" and the equation expands even further.

Does this intentional manipulation exist? That's something every individual must make their own decision about based on facts garnered from their own investigation.


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