No Date 1 Ounce Silver Round Stunning Mirror Brockage
Listing #2001     Inventory #86-0034
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Unique 1 Ounce .999 Fine Silver Bullion Coin SPECTACULAR Full Mirror Brockage

This in one of the finest, cleanest, flattest, sharpest and most detailed mirror brockages we’ve ever observed on a coin or medal and the only mirror brockage we've ever seen on a bullion coin. We suspect this item may be unique. The odds of such a perfect mirror brockage occurring at all are astronomical. However to have it occur on a large, soft silver round are incalculable! Even the reeded edge of the brockage is essentially perfect.

This silver round appears to have been minted as a PROOF or with proof like dies. The non-brockage obverse exhibits mirrored fields with beautiful translucent golden toning around the periphery. Devices are sharply struck with deep Cameo-contrast. The reflectivity of this bullion round makes it very difficult to photograph and as such it’s much nicer in hand than in the images. Unbelievably the brockage side of this bullion round also exhibits sharp (incuse) cameo-contrast devices! The brockage side fields are mirrored around the periphery as is the obverse. However the center of the reverse exhibits a bit of haze which we suspect is from the bullion rattling around in the holder because the center of the fields is the tallest part of the round and it has no rim.

This exponentially rare and near perfect mirror brockage silver round is housed in a Coin World holder. It’s not a third party grading holder nor does the holder exhibit a grade. We believe it’s simply a “storage” or novelty holder. We grade this round at 66, whether it is PROOF or MS.

This coin has resided in its current holder since at least May of 2005

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