E.ScottCoins.com Identify The Coin Contest

Our Identify The Coin Contests are held once a month. The rules and prizes are posted on each individual contest. Current contests as well as past contest results can be viewed HERE.

The purpose of our Identify The Coin Contests is to allow collectors to have fun while helping them become more affluent at evaluating and grading coins as opposed to being so blindly (and foolishly) dependent on purchased opinions.

Each contest will display a coin imaged with our GUARANTEED accurate 

Contestants view the Accurate View Video™ of the subject coin then post an answer as to the denomination, variety (if any) and grade of the coin.

Contestants that post correct answers in accordance with the rules of each contest are awarded the prize for that contest.

For the duration of six contests winning contestants will receive a Winners Trophy ITC-Trophy-30x33next to their name in future contests. These trophies are cumulative for the duration of six contests.

At the end of each six contests a drawing will be held. Each wining contestant from the previous six contests will receive one entry in the drawing for each Winners Trophy earned during the six contests. The drawing will award at least $100 for first place, $50 for 2nd place and $25 for third place.

Every winner of a drawing will receive a permanent Drawing Winner CoinITC-Drawing-Winner next to their name in future contests for each drawing they win.


Pursue quality coins, not purchased opinions or silly stickers!

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