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From User Duane Blake on 4/18/2023 5:51:29 PM

Dear E.J.,
I wanted to just publicly thank you for welcoming me into your community in such a personal way, and fulfilling my small order so generously as well! The album is a great quality piece, and the extras that you threw in were just over-the-top nice. You took a lot of extra time to treat me with true respect, and I appreciate that amazing level of service. I plan to do a lot of future business with you, and look forward to my next order. I just like working with great people who look out for me, and not always the almighty buck! And that certainly is YOU!
Thanks again!!
Duane Blake

RESPONSE: Mr. Blake,

You're welcome....however it's us that owe you gratitude. Our fundamental goal is building relationships with passionate individuals of integrity. You joining our little community is the "reward" we value most.

Thank you for your support and for your time. We appreciate and value you!

E. J. & May
From User glenn pallast on 1/27/2023 5:57:23 AM

Got my note and I am very happy, I have learned so much from your videos. I have been collecting for over 50 years and have picked up more in the past six months then all my years collecting. The details that are visible on your videos are first rate. Thank you and please keep up the great job.

RESPONSE: glenn pallast,

THANK YOU for the compliments! It's notes like yours that make us feel truly appreciated and like we're doing something worthwhile. We appreciate you, your participation and we're thrilled that you find value in our site and imagery.

E. J. & May
From User Kellie Cons on 1/17/2023 10:23:12 AM

Thank you to E. Scott Coins for all the positive contributions to my numismatic experiences. Most treasured for their honesty, kindness and generosity. The Numismatic Industry is better because of people like EJ and May.

RESPONSE: Kellie Cons,

You're welcome!

However it's numismatics that should be thanking you!

We've watched you go from green to golden through your desire and drive to learn and expand.
I can clearly remember you being somewhat shunted on a rather "clicky" numismatic "education" site for voicing a (correct) opinion. Now you could go on that site and give lessons!

The numismatic hobby and business could use many more of you!


E. J. & May
From User Petespockets55 on 12/30/2022 11:52:58 PM

First part of this message goes to May. Thanks for keeping EJ grounded and fed with an occasional star-gazing session. We know you are a big part of his passion and energy. The chocolate coins were a smashing success here.

EJ, I can't say enough thanks for your drive and determination to help us grow, learn, and gain the confidence to know what we are looking at (not just guessing). The amount of time you spend is mind-boggling. I love love love these contests and hope they will be back once you've re-charged and caught up.

Dr. Philips, your generosity is inspiring and hopefully, I can pay it forward like you are doing by sponsoring this recent contest. And congratulations on your registry set. An truly outstanding collection.

All my best to everyone in the new year, where ever you are ... especially you Mrs. Callabash. (My Pops liked Jimmy Duranty.LOL)

RESPONSE: Petespockets55,

You're a glaring example of what gives our efforts value.

The interpersonal fortune we derive from attracting and then connecting at an integrity-based level with humans of the quality you are is a gift to us from the universe.

You've been such a great contributor to everything we believe in and are passionate about. More so you've been a genuine friend.

We adore you!

E. J., May, Michael and Chad
From User John Phillips on 12/26/2022 12:23:47 PM

EJ and May:

Thank you for the $20.00 gift for the ITC contest. Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn. I know nothing about currency, but this gift is going to force me study it just a little. Too many other coin interests to think about collecting currency. Kudos to Mr. Lepage and his generosity.

Love reading the other comments in the Feedback section. Just a real positive vibe here! Congratulations.


PS still working on the push ups! :)

RESPONSE: Mr. Phillips,

You're very welcome. Thank you for your past and constant support of our passionate venture to improve numismatics and of our community. We're very proud of the quality and integrity among our little community!

E. J., May, Michael and Chad
From User Chook on 12/22/2022 12:25:24 PM

Merry Christmas and a BIG Thankyou for my prize. Totally unexpected and greatly appreciated.
Learning a lot about US coins.(Australian coins are really my forte) but now I live here and there's a lot to learn.

All the best,



Merry Christmas to you as well and you're very welcome!

Great....now you made us need to look at Australian coins!

Thank you for your participation and support. We appreciate you!

E. J. & May
From User glenn pallast on 12/15/2022 8:54:49 PM

First off I would like to give a great big thank you to Mr. Scott LaPage for his generous donation. I have learned so much from this company, things like variety types, coin grading at a more intense level. Thank you for what you are doing, even if you have been a collector for half century like myself, you are never to old to learn. Your videos have given a more accurate view of the coin. Showing how light affects your view.

RESPONSE: Mr. Pallast,

Thank you for the wonderful comments. The fact we have members enjoying what we're doing to the extent of contributing is a reward for us. The fact some are learning from what we're doing is truly fulfilling. Interestingly it's a two way street as we're learning from our wonderful members as well.

We always state that we're interested in quality, not quantity. The class you exhibit is exactly what we mean.

Thanks you!!!

E. J. & May.
From User Petespockets55 on 12/7/2022 5:51:23 AM

EJ & May, I want to give a big shout-out and a big thank you for the nice PCGS storage boxes you offered. A special thanks to May for taking the time to clean them up. That's not so easy with all the tape residue that is usually on them. Thank you, M'Lady! The boxes are great for storing coins in flips as well as any that reside in the PCGS holders.
And the chocolate coins were a perfect holiday surprise. Let the holiday gorging begin!

Another of the special things you do for us as collectors. Thanks again!!

RESPONSE: Petespockets55,

It's May here! :o) Thank you for the nice note. I had fun getting to participate and contribute. I had a lot of fun with the chocolate coin idea. I told E.J. he needs to do an Accurate View Video™ of a chocolate coin and put it on the site. We all work hard at this venture but E.J. literally lives it. He truly believes he can make a difference for the benefit of collectors with his Accurate View Video™. He's just relentless! 15 hour days for him is commonplace. The kindness, care and support members like you give him make him glow with pride and satisfaction. Thank you for that gift to him! He talks very highly about you. Now....we'll see if he deletes my lovey-dovey note?

From User vegasknites11 on 11/30/2022 7:18:38 AM

E.J. -
It’s been a total pleasure! The 1894/1894 1C is a beauty, especially the way it was depicted in your Accurate View Video! As collectors, we are all better served by this great technology. I am certain we will be doing more business in the future & I further hope the sell side of our hobby will adopt usage of your “AVV”. The benefit to we collectors/buyers is immeasurable.


Thank you!

The feeling is certainly mutual. You're a class act.

Above all else your satisfaction is what we find the most value in.

We're always thrilled and proud when integrity and knowledge-based collectors such as yourself see the value in our Accurate View Video™ to the collecting community.

Because of feedback from professionals like you we'll never give up on getting GUARANTEED accurate electronic representation of numismatics to the people that deserve (and should be demanding) it most, the collectors!

Respect to yo!

E. J. & May
From User LostMainer on 8/26/2022 2:31:30 PM

What a surprise, I come back from vacation, forgetting that I had entered a contest. And today, I received a package with a fun roll and letter that I was 1 of 5 winners. Such a nice assortment of wheat cents, that I replaced brown cents in my Dansco, with UNC red cents, 1944PDS, 1945PDS & 1946PD among them. Bonus coins included three Indian cents and a Mercury dime. And the icing on the cake were seven RPM's from 1960D, 1961D & 1963D. Thank you E. Scott Coins. Mike

RESPONSE: Dear LostMainer,

This note just made the day for May and I. Your expressed excitement and joy is exactly what we're working to give to collectors. Your note is like payment to us for our efforts. THANK YOU!

E. J. & May
From User vincem on 6/11/2022 8:16:52 PM

Well once again you go above and beyond. The coin I just purchased you say there is a scratch that you didn't notice, well I didn't notice it either. As a buyer I should have seen that especially with the accurate view you give us. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for the coin and for the additional one you sent that is the grade you said it was or better. I say better.

Thanks again E.J, say hi to May for me
Vince M

RESPONSE: vincem,

Thank you for the kind note!

It's amazing that we can look at a coin, video a coin, post the video, watch the video, have hundreds of collectors watch the video, have a customer watch the video and buy the coin and never see the scratch that was so obvious!

Goes to show...we all make mistakes. Owning them and making them right is what counts!

THANK YOU for your continued support and the kindness that you show May and I. We appreciate you!

E.J. & May
From User Goodie68 on 5/5/2022 9:11:48 PM

I've tried over and over to post in every contest but the site will not let me post a guess?????

RESPONSE: Goodie68,

Two apologies coming at you. First it's June 11 and we just saw this post. So please accept our apology for the oversight. Second, we investigated this issue to the limit of our ability (but please remember we're still learning). What we've discovered is that the problem lies with how our site is being displayed on your device. We're going to contact you directly and work with you to see if we can isolate the problem and see if we have control to remedy it.

We're very sorry for the inconvenience and we're hopeful you'll work with us to find and resolve the issue!

Thank you.

E.J. & May
From User johnkolbeck64 on 2/25/2022 11:01:48 AM

I have taken advantage of E.J. Scott's offer for free video of two of my coins. They came out great and I hope more dealers will start using his videos. You know exactly what to expect BEFORE you get a coin that has been videoed by him.

Try it - you will like it.

John A. Kolbeck
AKA capt.john on eBay

RESPONSE: Mr. Kolbeck,

THANK YOU for the kind words. We really are working hard to bring collectors the information they deserve most...accurate representation of coins! Your note makes both May and I feel valued and appreciated, Thanks again for investing your time and effort in being a positive part of our visionary goals. We appreciate you!

E.J. & May
From User vincem on 1/7/2022 7:55:21 PM

Just wanted to say thank you-
I just received the 2 fun rolls & bonus. I have purchased many rolls and a few coins from you folks and as always you dont disappoint. If I was to rate your site say 1-10 I would give you a 12.

Thanks again
Vince M

RESPONSE: Mr. Mikesell,

You're welcome! THANK YOU for the fantastic feedback. We appreciate you! As many know we're not dealers, we're collectors just trying to pave a new way. The compliments you gave us fulfill us more than a paper dollar ever will! Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to earn your trust.

Kind regards,

E. J. & May
From User John Phillips on 12/10/2021 3:44:48 PM

So I picked up a 1943-S MS68 steel Lincoln Cent from site.
Price was cheap IMO.
Added coin to my meager Lincoln variety set (ranked #33).
This site is all about customer service and customer satisfaction which is sorely lacking at some of TPG services.
Great communication from seller.
Plan to purchase more coins as they become available.

RESPONSE: Mr. Philips,

Always a pleasure and joy to associate with you. Thank you for your ongoing patronage and genuine care. We appreciate you!!!

E. J.
From User david3932 on 8/10/2021 5:15:57 PM

I was very pleased with my order. The coins were exactly as described and arrived in my mailbox only eight days after I mailed my check. Friendly and fast service -- I would highly recommend to anyone.

RESPONSE: Mr. Roberts,

Thank you so much for spending a piece of your precious time to leave such a great comment. Thank you as well for your patronage.

Most of all we're thrilled that you are satisfied. That makes all our effort worthwhile.

Thank you for giving us a chance!

From User John Phillips on 5/26/2021 5:00:36 PM

So I purchased a raw 1942 DDR FS-801 Washington Quarter. There was a scratch on Washington’s cheek that I did not remember on the Accurate View images. The coin was advertised as cleaned on the obverse so not a surprise. I contacted website host and asked for Accurate View images to review. I broke the coin out of the flip and when viewed under a loop, lo and behold, the scratch was gone! Must have been in the plastic. Simply great customer service to satisfy a buyer. First class!!!

RESPONSE: Mr. Phillips,

Your honesty is what we love most about our association with you!

Thank you for the fun story and for the wonderful compliments.

You're greatly appreciated as a customer but more valued as a friend!

You're a class act!

From User Kcollins84 on 5/25/2021 6:27:14 AM

Always a very nice selection of coins offered at competitive pricing. Extremely professional staff. You can tell that this company is ran by passionate, forward thinking numismatists. Lastly I would like to say that I have tried the Accurate View video and compared the coin in-hand to the online images. All I can say is WOW! It was a 100% spot on image. Resolution was great. These guys are really at the forefront of totally satisfying the customer. Five STAR rating.....

RESPONSE: Mr. Collins,

Wow...thank you for all the kind words. Our fundamental goal is customer appreciation and satisfaction and feedback like yours allows us to feel the joy of accomplishing our goal. Thanks you as well for your interest in testing our Accurate View Video™ and lending your feedback. We feel the goal of genuine customer service begins with accurate representation of products and we've worked with great passion to achieve this goal. Comments like this from you make all the work worthwhile, THANK YOU!
From User Bamabr549 on 5/23/2021 9:51:39 AM

Hello to everyone,
So I just finished looking at the coins you sent me using your brand new technology called Accurate View Video. The accuracy of holding it in my hand and seeing it in the video is just great. I can’t imagine any collector not liking this new tech. Great job guys!!!

Mike Estes

RESPONSE: Mr. Estes,

Thank you for the compliment regarding our Accurate View Video™. Our fundamental goal is customer appreciation and respect and that begins with accurate product representation. Comments like yours let us enjoy the belief that we're accomplishing this goal. Without collectors there is no hobby!!!
From User Bamabr549 on 4/7/2021 4:44:02 AM

as a collector I'm always looking around the internet for a coin at a great deal. this site has coins for any budget, and they have coins that are just Beautiful. You absolutely cannot go wrong buy looking around this website. the people who own and run this shop are all great and skillful people who will go that extra mile to help you with something. give these people a shot with your next purchase, you will see what I'm talking about....

RESPONSE: Mr. Estes,

Wow...thank you for the kind and supportive words. Making connections like this with quality people like you is what makes this little venture fulfilling for us!

We're hopeful you'll continue to enjoy our little site, we sure enjoy having you be a part of it!

Thank you for your care and support!
From User John Phillips on 2/20/2021 2:59:22 AM

So I have purchased numerous coins from EScottCoins. Totally satisfied!!! The communication from the host is excellent. His coins are unbelievable and the imaging at the site is second to none; the most state of the art imaging on the internet! Host has a real jewel here and has successfully lured me into collecting Lincoln cent varieties. He is one of the most knowledgeable numismatists I know and truly dedicated to the hobby! His breadth of knowledge and generosity with his expertise will make his site a go to site for collectors. It is a pleasure to work with him. Nothing but positive feelings for him and his new website. Thanks compadre!

RESPONSE: Mr. Phillips is the epitome of what being a genuine passion-based collector is. He’s wonderfully old school in his respect to others and his chosen commitment to integrity. Although unbelievably successful in life, he’s as humble, transparent and grounded as a man can be. Even in the darkest hours of life he’s remained caring, respectful and available. As collectors go the sheer volume of superlative items he’s amassed is staggering! Additionally he’s an educated, astute “coin” collector, not an insert label collector or (ugh) a collector of silly stickers. As such his coins are truly exquisite and stand on the merit of their tangible quality. Want a treat for your eyes while staggering your brain...check out the insane amount of yellow in his "The Brodie Collections" PCGS registry sets (https://www.pcgs.com/setregistry/dr-john-o-phillips/othersets/14987.)

We adore, admire and respect you Mr. Phillips and we feel honored and privileged to have you as part of our family and you welcoming us as part of yours, thank you!

Any fellow collectors that want to add a genuinely good man and true collector to their list of associates should contact Mr. Phillips and make a connection.
From User Dave on 1/31/2021 7:53:32 AM

Very Nice Addition to your Site. I will be visiting on a regular basis.

RESPONSE: Hello Dave!

Thank you for the kind words and for taking the time to comment. We appreciate it! We're super happy to hear you'll visit our little now and then, that makes all the work worthwhile.
From User vincem on 1/26/2021 1:26:42 PM

I had to come on here and brag a little about this fun roll I received yesterday, not only did I get everything in the description but I also found a few minor varieties on top of that. The customer service is fantastic.

Thanks again EScottCoins for the great merchandise and customer service.

Vince M

RESPONSE: Mr. Mikesell,

Thank you for the comment and kind words. Above all else we're thrilled that you're satisfied!

We're very disturbed by the sheer volume of shysters on self-selling and assisted selling sites that've made the collecting public afraid of rolls of numismatic material.

It's one of our fundamental goals to create and provide "Fun Rolls" (as well as BU and variety rolls) that are not only "Fun" but are also a genuine value to the customer...and guaranteed!

Thank you for your confidence and continued support, we appreciate you!

From User DHJohnson777 on 10/27/2020 7:21:35 AM

This was the second interaction with EScott Coins I am very satisfied with the service quality and expertise of this young company. I see EScott Coins becoming a go to resource for me in the future, thanks for being here!

RESPONSE: Mr. Johnson, Thank you for taking the time to post a comment! We really do care about our patrons and the fact your satisfied makes our dedication worthwhile. We appreciate you!
From User vincem on 10/21/2020 2:45:53 PM

Just wanted to say thank you for the Lincoln cents you sent me as a thank you for using your site. Very nice coins I might add

Thank You
Vince M

RESPONSE: Hi Vince M! You, my friend, are the very first comment on EScottCoins.com! You're very welcome for the coins, we're thrilled that you enjoy them. Thank you for taking the time to write and thank you for giving our little site a look.
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