The future of customer oriented numismatic imaging!

In this electronic age most anyone can produce electronic images and edit them to look however they want them to look….and many do!

Our Accurate View Video™ is exactly what the title implies....ACCURATE! The Accurate View Video™ is the byproduct of a unique imaging invention conceived, engineered and manufactured by E.J. Scott over the past two years. Unlike conventional video or animated video (made by electronically stitching static images together), all of which are limited by the boundaries of conventional photography, the Accurate View Video™ captures the true to life depth, color, radiance, vibrancy, luster and detail of a coin, of any coin, at a level of accuracy unmatched by anything in the global marketplace. As the Accurate View Video™ tag line states;

What you see is what you'll receive

However how can anyone know that any imagery is accurate unless they’re holding the item in their hand? Nearly all the imaging used in electronic sales of numismatics is inaccurate. Much of it is intentionally so.

We put our money where our mouth is!

To receive a free coin and an in hand demonstration of our Accurate View Video™ visit and create a no obligation account (takes less than a minute) then send us a request at We’ll create an Accurate View Video™ of a coin from our inventory and send you the coin and the Accurate View Video™ at no charge.

It’s our passionate goal to bring accurate imaging to the collectors!