Premium Fun Roll with Choice 1919-S Lincoln Cent and GEM 1943-S Lincoln Cent end coins
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PREMIUM Fun Roll with Choice 1919-S Lincoln Cent and GEM 1943-S Lincoln Cent end coins


Our “PREMIUM FUN ROLLS” are just like our original Fun Rolls in that they are designed to be just that…fun! And what’s more fun than treasure hunting and ALWAYS making a profit? However our PREMIUM Fun Rolls contain huge percentages of Choice and GEM specimens and even more of the “really good stuff”! We assemble these rolls from the massive amount of nice singles we have. In addition to the end coins these rolls contain random combinations of many of the following: super-nice mint state coins (with regular 65’s 66’s and occasional 67’s), scarce dates, Indian cents, semi-key dates, minor errors, varieties and silver coins. We promise every fun roll to be worth more, often substantially more, in combined single coin values than the cost of the roll. Additionally if you have young ones you like to roll hunt with they’ll flip out over the variety of what they find in these. We create these rolls to be lucrative and, most of all, FUN and we’re positive everyone will love them.

How positive? MONEY BACK GUARANTEE positive!


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